If Motorola returns to tablets, look for it to flaunt Moto Maker customization

Moto X Wood
A 10.1-inch tablet is going to need a lot of wood

The Moto Maker helped Motorola remake a name for itself in the smartphone world, and now it looks as though the company thinks the customization tool could do the same with tablets.

During an interview with Pocket-lint, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside let slip that tablets are still very much in consideration for the company. If Motorola re-enters the slate space, customization may be what separates its gear from the competition.

"We are looking at tablets," Woodside said. "A lot of people have asked us to build a tablet using Moto Maker, to customize their tablet. There might be a day we do that, but the bigger opportunity for us is the five billion people without smartphones."

The take away here is that Motorola is hearing customer demand and developing a tablet take on Moto Maker is at least on the table. Still, the day a customizable Xoom arrives may still be a ways off as Woodside added that staying focused on its current offerings is important for the hardware maker.

What can you Moto make

Thus far, the Google-owned company's Moto Maker has allowed customers to customize certain elements of the Moto X. In a similar vein, Motorola introduced the Moto G with a variety of colorful back covers to choose from.

After releasing its last set of tablets, the Xoom 2 and XYBoard 10.1, more than two years ago, Motorola fell out of the tablet space. If it ever gets back into the tablet world it seems likely that it will also come with some form of do-it-yourself design.

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