Iconia W510 by Acer coming to US, Canada Nov. 9

Iconia W510
You look familiar...

Acer is about to roll a new tablet PC onto North America's ever-growing Windows 8 market, the Iconia W510.

The company announced Tuesday the slate will hit the U.S. and Canada Nov. 9.

While the date is straight forward, Acer got a little tricky with the pricing.

Since the W510 is launching in four different configurations, the pricing jumps from device to device.

Break down

The W510-1422, which ships with a keyboard/dock, has a suggested retail price tag of $749.99.

Its closest sibling, the W510P, also comes with a keyboard, though its $799.99 price includes Windows 8 Pro and a two-year warranty.

The W510-1674 and W510-1666 don’t come with the keyboard/dock, and the 1674’s 32GB SSD matches its $499.99 price tag. The 1666, meanwhile, comes in at $599.99 with 64GB of storage.

Both the 1422 and W510P are equipped with the same 64GB of storage capacity.

Acer has yet to reveal pricing details for the keyboard.

Details, details

With a 10.1-inch HD display, made of Gorilla Glass 2 no less, the W510’s screen resolution is a cool 1,366 x 768.

“Customers will enjoy optimized experiences for touch, typing and viewing on the Iconia W510 tablet PC,” said Sumit Agnihotry, vice president of product marketing for Acer, in a press release.

“The versatility of the new tablet PC and durability of the Gorilla Glass 2 display pairs beautifully with the responsive performance to take advantage of the capabilities of Windows 8 for a first-rate tablet PC experience.”

In “conventional tablet PC mode,” aka without the battery-packing keyboard/dock, the Iconia W510’s battery lasts up to nine hours, allowing for Wi-Fi browsing and video playback.

However, pop the battery-packing keyboard/dock on and the device’s life is extended to up to 18 hours.

One nifty keyboard feature is its ability to rotate 295 degrees, making it a perfect stand for presentations, the company said.

Intel’s new Atom Z2760 processor, introduced two weeks ago and optimized for Windows 8 mobile products, powers the device. Intel clocked the chip at 1.8GHz.

Acer also threw in a microSD and a micro-USD on the tablet itself. The keyboard/dock, meanwhile, boasts a full-sized USB.

Last but not least on the micro front, a microHDMI and dual independent display support helps transfer content onto external devices.

Rounding out the edges

While the W510 seems packed with features, the tablet itself weighs a measly 1.27 pounds and comes in at just 0.35 inches thin.

Even with the keyboard, the device is still just 0.84 inches thick and 2.63 pounds.

As for photo taking, the W510 (each one) comes with a 2MP front-facing snapper capable of capturing 1080p HD at a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

On the backside, the 8MP HD camera can pick up pics with a resolution of 3264 x 2448.

TechRadar reviewed the W510 earlier this month and though we liked what it offered, questions remained as to where the tablet would fit in the market. With the pricing Acer's offering, it'll definitely be an upper-echelon product.

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