Completely redesigned iPad 5 due in September?

Completely redesigned iPad 5 due in September?
Gazing into the crystal ball of tech

While the iPad mini may be flavour of the month in the Apple tablet world, the company has a revamped 9-inch iPad 5 on the cards for a September launch.

That's if you believe TrendForce, which reckons it has some inside info about the new iPad, including the fact that its design will be completely overhauled.

The analysts say that the new iPad will use the same touch tech as the iPad mini, while putting the bezel to better use in order to slim the tablet down. It's not the first time we've heard that suggestion - another analyst got that rumour in there pretty much as soon as the iPad 4 launched.

Dearly beloved

In a weirdly worded addendum, the research firm added that "the long-beloved iPad 2" will "retire with honour" as the new iPad 5 hits the shelves, like iPads are ancient emperors that live out their days in zen temples bestowing wisdom only on the worthy.

That flowery language is one thing that makes us season this speculation with a sprinkling of salt, as does the fact that the researchers don't say how or where they came by their information exactly.

But the suppositions don't seem too outlandish. A design refresh seems inevitable since the dawn of the iPad mini - and countless analysts have said the same - and a new 9-inch iPad in September could make sense since the iPad 4 was unveiled around the same time last year.

However, there is another school of thought that says the iPad 5 will launch in spring - including analysts using Apple's past schedules as clues - while some argue that we won't see the new iPad until October.

So no one really knows. Either way, stand by for spurious casing leaks in three, two, one…

Get all the iPad 5 rumours in one dose by watching the video below:


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