Eyes laid on the iPad 5 while iPhone 5S details leak

Eyes laid on the iPad 5 while iPhone 5S details leak
Where will Apple go from the iPad 4 and iPhone 5?

The iPad 5 will be significantly thinner and smaller than all previous incarnations of the 9.7-inch tablet according to a new report.

Apparently the editor over at iLounge has been treated to a shifty look at the case for the upcoming iPad 5, although it's unclear how this opportunity came about.

If the claims are true than we can expect the fifth generation iPad to sport an almost bezel-free front, with just enough space above and below the display for the home button, sensors and front camera.


It's apparently considerably thinner than the bulky iPad 3 and iPad 4 – which put on weight when Apple applied its Retina display and larger battery post-iPad 2 - with a design which closely follows the iPad mini.

According to iLounge sources the new iPad 5 is codenamed J72 and won't be arriving in March as some have suggested, with the launch event actually pegged for October.

On the topic of smaller iPads there's also a brief mention of the iPad mini 2 which is also apparently set for an October launch, complete with Retina display.

Say cheese

As well as the iPad 5 rumours iLounge has also received information on the iPhone 5S, with the handset sporting the same design as the iPhone 5 with the key difference being a beefier camera and larger flash on the back.

That's hardly ground breaking upgrades from Apple, with the touted 13MP camera on the 5S hardly bucking the trend considering the Sony Xperia Z already has this and we'd expect the Samsung Galaxy S4 to offer up something similar.

The unknown sources "confirmed" the iPhone 5S release date is set for sometime this year, with July looking likely at the moment.

Budget iPhone rumours are also refusing to die with iLounge reporting that Apple is developing a plastic-clad handset in partnership with China Mobile.

It seems unlikely that the Cupertino firm would develop a handset specifically for China, so we're taking this and the rest of the rumours in this piece with the recommended amount of salt.

For more iPad 5-related gossip, check out our rumours vid below:

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