Apple's enhanced iPad Smart Cover takes cues from HTC and Samsung

Apple's enhanced iPad Smart Cover takes cues from HTC and Samsung
Is there a new, smarter iPad cover in the works?

A patent for a new type of iPad Smart Cover from Apple has been published, and some of the features detailed in the listing sound a little familiar.

The patent appeared at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and depicts a case which has a matrix of LEDs to signal various notifications as well as a cut-out section, allowing you to view a portion of the iPad's screen.

These plans differ vastly from Apple's current offering of iPad covers, which don't feature any electronic components or ability to view any of the screen when closed.

Taking a closer look at that matrix display we can't help but be reminded of the Dot View case that HTC launched alongside the One M8 earlier this year to alert users to particular notifications and weather updates.

In Apple's Smart Cover it appears a series of LEDs are built into it, rather than using the screen of the tablet, and are capable of displaying various snippets of information.

Apple iPad Smart Cover - LEAK

Samsung take note

That's not the only trick this iPad cover could have up its sleeve though, with a possible translucent panel giving you a peek at the screen below.

In the same way we've seen the Samsung S View and LG Quick Circle cases show a portion of specially tailored display, Apple's answer appears to do the same thing with information relocated to the smaller area.

Apple iPad Smart Cover - LEAK

While this all sounds rather copy-cat from Apple it's worth noting that this patent was originally filed in 2012, so it's certainly not a knee-jerk reaction from the Cupertino firm.

Will we ever see this smarter iPad Smart Cover hit the market? Well that's difficult to say, but we wouldn't be surprised is Apple decided to innovate in this area.

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