Apple doesn't have to apologise to Samsung – yet

Apple doesn't have to apologise to Samsung – yet
iPad still too cool for school

A court has given Apple a stay of apology, ruling that it does not have to publicly post that Samsung does not infringe on iPad patents immediately.

Although it hasn't reversed its controversial decision to make Apple publicly concede that Samsung didn't copy the iPad, the court is allowing Apple to appeal, with no action required until after a hearing in October.

Judge Colin Birss had ruled that Apple must put a notice up for six months in the UK explaining the Samsung did not infringe on its patents relating to the iPad.

Tablet wars

But Apple made the understandable argument that it didn't want to advertise its rival in the newspaper adverts and on its website.

The laughter may have quietly petered out in Samsung offices around the country for now but the Galaxy Tab maker may yet have its day of blissful comeuppance.

But will it ever make up for Samsung's tablets being branded 'not as cool' as the iPad? We doubt it.

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