Amazon readying two new Kindle Fire 2 tablets

Kindle Fire
Amazon's Kindle Fire is due for an upgrade

Previous rumors that Amazon is adding new 7- and 10-inch models to its Kindle Fire line of tablets have been further teased by a new report.

In the report, a "trusted" anonymous source claims that Amazon is readying two new Kindle Fire 2 models for release this summer, one of which is the long-rumored 10-inch Kindle Fire.

The 10-inch Amazon Kindle Fire 2, according to the source, will come packed with a more powerful quad-core processor.

Both new Kindle Fire tablets will reportedly be of higher-quality materials and more ergonomic designs.

Kindle Fire 2 specs

The original Kindle Fire's plastic body is being replaced by matte black metal, with a shiny, chrome-like "rib" on the back that looks sharp and feels better. The speakers are supposedly located here as well.

"It's really up a notch from the current Fire," claims the source.

Furthermore, the report says that Amazon's new Kindle Fire 2 tablets will be thinner and more similar in appearance to the first-generation Apple iPad, but without any buttons on the front.

In addition, the 10-inch Kindle Fire will house a front-facing camera, and both new tablets will include microUSB ports and, possibly, HDMI-out jacks, says the report.

Competition from Google's Nexus 7 tablet

Google had the Amazon Kindle Fire in the crosshairs yesterday when they revealed the Google Nexus 7 tablet, a $199 device that focuses on media playback via the Google Play store.

As far as price and functionality go, Google's Nexus 7 tablet can easily compete with the existing Kindle Fire.

And the Nexus 7's specs surpass those of the Kindle Fire.

But until Amazon reveals more about the upcoming 7- and 10-inch Kindle Fire 2s, it's unclear which tablets will come out on top.

"The whole tablet market is due for a radical change over the next one to two quarters," J. Gold Associates analyst Jack Gold told TechRadar earlier this week.

It looks like his prediction may prove to be spot-on.


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