MSI dates and prices U160 Wind netbook

MSI U160 Wind

MSI has launched the U160 netbook, with an Intel Atom N450 processor, one inch frame and gold finish.

The U160 has a UK release date of March and will be priced at £329, and has already picked up a plaudit by winning its category at the 2010 IF design awards.


"Packed into an extremely slim 1-inch frame and weighing just 1kg, the U160 punches way above its weight as its Intel Atom N450 processor affords low consumption, low heat generation and ultra-economomical power usage while offering above 9 hours of extended battery life," says MSI.

"Proving it's worth in the design stakes, the U160's typically slim and attractive Gold chassis, combines comfort, style and functionality by featuring a 10.1 screen MSI's distinctive Chiclet Keyboard, Colour Film Print Technology, an artistic and ultra-thin fuselage, and all new software upgrades.

"Finished in a dazzling gold colour film print coating the stylish U160 embodies MSI's flawless and exquisite craftsmanship following the phenomenal success of the impressive U series."