Melomania Touch just got a big update, but will that be enough to save them?

Cambridge audio melomania touch wireless earbuds
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Cambridge Audio just released a big firmware update for its Melomania Touch true wireless earbuds. The update, version 2.1.9, should address many lingering issues that had us slightly disappointed in the buds when we reviewed them – but will that be enough to make them a worthwhile purchase?

The new firmware update, which can be downloaded via the Melomania app, was detailed in a press release from Cambridge Audio. The update brings features like lower background noise during voice calls and better volume control on phones that have the aptX TWS+ codec enabled.

Not only that, the update also introduces a new neutral EQ preset and renames some of the other equalizer presets. Finally, volume should now fully mute when set to zero. All subtle changes, then, but they should go some way to improving the overall listening experience.

Cambridge Audio CEO James Johnson-Flint commented on the new firmware update, stating: "Cambridge Audio’s engineering team is committed to the constant innovation and evolution of the Melomania series of products by listening closely to customer feedback, and this latest update reflects that."

In other good news, the price of the Melomania Touch wireless earbuds has also been dropped permanently to $119.95 / $119.95 (around AU$169), so there's never been a better time to pick up a pair for yourself.

Analysis: too little, too late?

The latest firmware update for the Melomania Touch is nice, offering several quality-of-life improvements that are very welcome. However, they unfortunately don't address the fundamental issues that hold these wireless earbuds back.

One of our biggest gripes with the Melomania Touch was the semi-frequent connectivity issues that stopped the pair from being as immersive as they could've been. A shame, considering the overall brilliant audio performance they provide.

Touch controls haven't been improved in the update either, it seems, and at this point we expect to see a whole new Melomania model before we see upgrades in this field.

Finally, the Melomania Touch true wireless earbuds still lack noise cancellation. We appreciate that's not the easiest thing to patch into an existing pair of earbuds, but it still represents a fundamental drawback compared to its competition – like the Honor Earbuds 2 Lite, which feature some of the best active noise cancelling we've heard this year.

This isn't to say the Melomania Touch wireless earbuds are a particularly bad pair. It's more that previous models, like the Melomania 1 Plus, set such a high standard for the brand. Not to mention they're a good deal cheaper to buy. As such, we'd still recommend buying the 1 Plus over the Touch until more substantial updates are provided.

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