Meet Reflex, the first new 35mm film SLR system in 25 years

With retro film effects showing no sign of losing their appeal to the Instagram generation, and ‘instaprint’ cameras back in fashion with the likes of Fujifilm’s Instax Square SQ10, it was only a matter of time before the 35mm film camera made a comeback, and now photography startup Reflex has announced the first manual 35mm SLR film camera system in more than 25 years. 

The Reflex 1 “combines contemporary mechanical and electrical engineering with the classic design and function of an analogue camera”, and is designed to appeal to both veteran film enthusiasts and a new generation of photographers looking to experiment with the medium.

Reflex is the brainchild of the creative team behind the popular photography publisher and social community If You Leave, and the Reflex 1 has been created by a team of photographers, designers, and technologists. Laurence Von Thomas, founder and CEO of Reflex, said: “Reflex is both building on the past and looking to the future of analogue photography.”

Use your legacy glass

The Reflex system incorporates a couple of unique features. The Reflex I-Plate is an interchangeable lens mount plate that enables film SLR fans to use their legacy glass, such as Nikon (F-mount), Canon (FD), Olympus (OM), Pentax (PK) with their Reflex camera, while the Reflex I-Back is an interchangeable back that allows for easy film loading.

Not surprisingly for a camera designed to appeal to the social media generation, there’s also an app that enables users to connect their Reflex to their phones. Among other things the app will automatically record the camera settings for each shot taken, enabling you to quickly access them for subsequent shots.

The Reflex Kickstarter campaign is up and running, and ends on December 7. The Reflex 1 will be available to early-bird backers for £350 (around $465), before moving to the standard Kickstarter price of £399). Backers will receive their Reflex camera in August 2018, before it goes on general sale.

Phil Hall

Phil Hall is an experienced writer and editor having worked on some of the largest photography magazines in the UK, and now edit the photography channel of TechRadar, the UK's biggest tech website and one of the largest in the world. He has also worked on numerous commercial projects, including working with manufacturers like Nikon and Fujifilm on bespoke printed and online camera guides, as well as writing technique blogs and copy for the John Lewis Technology guide.