MacBook Pro prices drop by as much as $400 in B&H’s Back to School sale

Look, you don’t even have to tell us: you’ve been eyeing a MacBook Pro as your next laptop for college. We get it: they’re shiny and powerful. Luckily for you, B&H Photo is holding a back to school sale on 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro models for up to hundreds of dollars off.

Now, before you scoff at deals on last year’s Apple laptops, know that the difference in performance between the two model years is negligible, even with the Kaby Lake processor update of 2017. Knowing that, you can save a ton of cash without FOMO, as the cool kids say, on last year’s laptops still fresh out of the box.

Leading with the best deal first, last year’s 2016, 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar housing 256GB of storage is $300 off at just $1,499 on B&H.

Essentially, you’re getting the complete new MacBook Pro experience for the price of one without the Touch Bar – not bad at all.

Next up, there’s the 2016, 13.3-inch MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar but with double the normal storage (256GB) for a cool $200 off at only $1,299 on B&H

This deal is basically nabbing you a “new” MacBook Pro for the entry-level price but with twice as much storage, if you’re willing to work with an ever so slightly less powerful CPU.

Finally, there's this deal on the 2016, 15.4-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for a fine $200 off at just $2,079 on B&H.

Here, you’re getting the larger of the two MacBook Pro models for $320 less than the newest model currently goes for, for a fraction of power lost. But, if you’re dead set on getting the latest and greatest for less, B&H is offering 2017 models at modest discounts, too. Just know that none of these deals will likely last for long.

Joe Osborne

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