Lego Batman Movie signals the arrival of 4K HDR content on the Xbox video store

Microsoft’s Movies and TV store (previously known as Xbox Video) has just received its first 4K HDR movie, The Lego Batman Movie

Although this is not the first 4K video to be available on the store (that award goes to a number of extreme sports videos available on the service), it is the first that supports HDR video. 

In order to enjoy the movie you’ll need the most recent version of the Xbox One, the Xbox One S, and you’ll also need a television capable of displaying HDR in addition to having a 4K resolution.

Price of admission

Once you have all the pieces of the hardware puzzle you’ll need to stomach a pretty hefty price premium to buy the film. The Ultra HD version will set you back a wallet crunching $29.99 compared to $19.99 for the HD copy and $14.99 for a standard definition version. 

That’s a lot of money when you consider that Amazon includes 4K streaming as standard with its Amazon Video subscriptions, and that Netflix charges just a small premium for its Ultra HD tier. 

However, up until May 30, anyone why buys an Xbox One S from Gamestop will receive a code for a free copy of the movie. 

In addition to the Movies and TV store, the Xbox One S is also equipped with an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive if you don't want to rely on digital distribution. 

Although it’s out now in the US, readers in the UK will have to wait until May 30 for the film. We’ve contacted Microsoft to confirm whether the film will also be a first for Microsoft’s UK Movies and TV store. 

Jon Porter

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