This is the cheapest SIM only deal around: 2GB of data for just £2.50 a month

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Yes, there are presents to be opened and seasonal programmes to binge, but this time of year is about more than that! There are sales and deals across a wide range of items you won't want to miss out on either.

And, if you've been keeping an eye out for SIM only deals, the Boxing Day sales and seasonal sales are full of them. One of the best offers comes from Lebara, offering the UK's cheapest SIM plan.

Right now, Lebara can offer a 2GB of data SIM for just £2.50 a month. That's obviously exceptionally cheap, but that pricing only lasts for the first three months of your contract.

After that you'll jump back up to £5. However, that's still a pretty excellent price to be paying. Plus, Lebara works on 1-month rolling contracts so you could leave after the first 3 months anyway!

This 50% offer applies to the entirety of Lebara's SIM collection. We've listed the best picks down below.

These cheap SIM only deals in full:


SIM only plan from Lebara | 1-month contract | 2GB data | 1000 minutes and texts | £2.50 for three months
This plan stands out as the cheapest SIM plan we've seen in the Boxing Day sales - an impressive feat considering the mass of discounts. For just £2.50 a month, you're getting 2GB of data - perfect for those who don't use much each month. After three months, the pricing will go back up to £5 a month.


SIM only plan from Lebara | 1-month contract | 10GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £5 for three months
Realistically, for most people 2GB of data is not going to be enough and that's where this plan comes in handy. It costs £5 a month while supplying 10GB of data. For most, that will be enough to get you through a full month of social media, browsing the internet and some light streaming.


SIM only plan from Lebara | 1-month contract | unlimited data, minutes and texts | £17.50 for three months
Normally, Lebara's unlimited plan would be expensive at £35 a month. However, with this half price offer, you're paying just £17.50 a month, making it one of the cheapest unlimited data plans. In fact, it comes near to Three's impressive £16 a month SIM pricing.

What's Lebara and what stands out about it?

Lebara specialises in cheap SIM plans, scoring its best value offers in the lower data regions.

All of its SIMs run on 1-month rolling plans, giving you the flexibility to leave at any time or change which plan you're on and Lebara promises no price rises during your contract.

Along with that, Lebara piggy-backs off the Vodafone network so you're getting reliable and fast speeds. You also get 100 international minutes to call 41 countries outside of the UK.

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