Leaked Samsung Galaxy Buds redesign ditches the earbud stems

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
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A new leak suggests Samsung is busy working on some new earbuds to follow the Galaxy Buds and the Galaxy Buds Plus – and based on the 3D renderings that have appeared, there are going to be big changes in the design.

The news and images come courtesy of WinFuture, and it seems the small stems on the current Galaxy Buds Plus are ditched in favor of a bean-like shape – and indeed the codename for the earbuds is rumored to be "Beans".

WinFuture's sources say the new Beans buds are 2.8 cm (1.1 inches) in length, so they should fit snugly in most ears. There are no silicone tips though, so any noise canceling tech might suffer as a result.

These earbuds are being tipped to come with two tiny loudspeakers embedded in them, which will produce better audio across the board. Microphones will again be included so you can make calls, get chatty with Bixby, and so on.

Samsung Beans

(Image credit: WinFuture / @rqaundt)

No word yet on battery life, but WinFuture says the earbuds are at the first Engineering Validation Testing (EVT1) stage, and it's apparently possible that they could appear alongside the Galaxy Note 20 later this year.

No word on pricing yet – the most recent Galaxy Buds Plus went on sale in March for $149.99 / £159 / AU$299, so expect something similar when the next earbuds arrive.

The truly wireless earbud market continues to get more and more competitive: it's less than four years ago that the original Apple AirPods appeared on the scene, and since then we've seen an avalanche of similar products.

The next to appear could well be the upgraded Pixel Buds from Google, which are expected to be launched in the first half of 2020. It may well be Samsung's new earbuds that win the award for most innovative design of the year, though.

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