Latest Intel Driver delivers official support for Windows 11

Streets of Rage 4 being played on Windows 11
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While Windows 11 is still in testing, Intel has decided to roll out an update for its graphics driver to officially support Microsoft’s next major operating system.

Microsoft spent a large amount of time discussing games on Windows 11 when it was announced, with Game Pass and the new Microsoft Store showcasing how users can install and update their favorite games.

However another aspect of this was Auto HDR, which is built into Windows 11, delivering bright, bold colors to games, as long as you have a HDR-compatible monitor, and the right graphics driver installed.

What’s in the update?

The driver update is named, and was released on July 14 It not only brings official support of Windows 11 and Auto HDR, but also improved performance for F1 2021 alongside optimizations for Call of Duty: Warzone and Moonlight Blade when running in DirectX 12.

The update supports 5th gen Intel processors and above, alongside Windows 10 running the October 2018 update onwards. 

It’s also worth noting that the update’s download page lists Windows 11 as ‘Microsoft Windows 11 - October 2021 Update’, further adding credence to an October release date.

If you don’t have a monitor that supports HDR as yet, this update won’t give you this benefit, however we always advise to update to the latest versions of drivers anyway, to make sure that they’re ready for Windows 11 when its release date is eventually confirmed.

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