Latest Galaxy S9 leak suggests it could lack one of two big features

We're suddenly seeing a lot of the Samsung Galaxy S9 leaks, but while most of the images we've seen so far are renders, we might now have had our first real look at the backplate of the phone, and it suggests a big feature might be missing.

A photo which seemingly originated on Weibo (a Chinese microblogging site) and was obtained by Techtastic, shows a fairly plain glass back that in many ways looks a lot like the back of the Samsung Galaxy S8

But there are two big differences: the camera cut-out has space for more than one lens, and there's no visible fingerprint scanner.

If this is really the Galaxy S9's backplate then that likely means one of two things, either there's a dual-lens camera and no fingerprint scanner (though there's an outside chance it could have been moved to the front or even built into the screen), or part of that camera cut-out is housing the fingerprint scanner and there's only a single-lens camera.

That cut-out is too big to house just a single camera lens. (Credit: Techtastic / Weibo)

That cut-out is too big to house just a single camera lens. (Credit: Techtastic / Weibo)

Sticking with a single-lens

That second option is the more likely one, as the renders we've seen show a single-lens camera with a fingerprint scanner below, rather than it sitting to the side like it does on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

But taking this image in isolation it's equally possible that the Galaxy S9 will get a dual-lens camera – particularly since the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has one.

However, earlier whispers suggest that if you want a dual-lens camera you'll have to opt for the larger Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. So based on all the available evidence our best guess for now is that the standard Galaxy S9 will retain a rear-facing scanner, but only have one lens on its camera.

Of course, we'd take this and all leaks with a pinch of salt. It looks convincing enough, but it could still be a fake.

  • We might see the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus at MWC 2018

Via GSMArena

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