Nikon confirms August 23 launch for new mirrorless camera

Image and countdown clock for new Nikon camera

This story has been updated to include Nikon's confirmation of the date and time for the launch presentation.

Nikon has confirmed that it will unveil its new full-frame mirrorless camera and a new line of lenses on August 23.

After releasing a teaser video a few days ago, Nikon has now added a countdown clock to its launch microsite, and it's counting down to 12 midnight ET on August 23 (that's 5am BST, 2pm AEST, and 9pm PT on August 22).

A news release says: "In anticipation of Nikon’s introduction of the next generation full-frame mirrorless camera and Nikkor lenses, we invite you to join us live from Tokyo […] for a special live streaming presentation about the future of optics and imaging."

The shift to a new lens mount is no surprise, as this provides Nikon's engineers with a blank canvas to work with. However, Nikon says that along with the new camera, a new mount adapter is being developed to enable existing Nikon F-mount lenses to work on the new camera.

We imagine there will be some caveats here regarding compatibility, especially with older optics (the F-mount has been around since 1959 don't forget), but we expect this shouldn't be an issue with Nikon's latest line of Nikkor lenses. We'll know more very soon.

With Nikon developing a new lens mount it's likely that there will be a limited range of lenses at launch, as it's going to take time to develop an entire range of new lenses – just ask Sony. However, if Nikon can get the new mount adapter right and offer decent compatibility and functionality with a range of lenses, this should make the new camera a more tempting proposition for users who've already invested heavily in Nikon glass.

DSLRs aren't dead

Nikon isn't ditching its heritage to focus solely on mirrorless, however, stating that it plans "the continued development of Nikon digital-SLR cameras, providing consumers with the choices to enjoy the unique values of either system". 

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