It sounds like we've got a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel to look forward to

Horizon Zero Dawn has been a huge hit with PS4 gamers since its launch in 2017, and while a sequel has yet to be officially announced, a follow-up appears to be in development.

Voice actor Janina Gavankar, who was behind the voice of Tatai in The Frozen Wilds DLC for the game, let it slip that Guerilla Games is working on the next game in the series at a Star Wars convention.

In a video clip Gavankar says to a fan "wait 'til you see the sequel" and tells her "you're gonna die" when the Horizon Zero Dawn 2 finally gets its big reveal.

That's all that the actor let slip though – it doesn't necessarily mean the game is anywhere near being launched, especially considering Sony is skipping E3 this year.

A tale of two games

This is far from official confirmation that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is on the way of course, though it does seem plausible that Gavankar would be back to voice her character.

It also makes a lot of sense that Sony and Guerilla Games would want a follow-up: the original Horizon Zero Dawn has sold 10 million copies and is the most popular new franchise ever to launch on the PS4.

We won't spoil the first game with any speculation about where the second one might be headed, just in case you haven't played it yet – but suffice to say there are a lot of possible avenues to explore.

Chances are you've still got a while to complete the original though. The sequel might only be in the concept stage right now, but we'd expect it'll eventually get the green light.

David Nield
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