Is your PC VR ready? Use this tool to find out

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VRMark is a new tool created by Futuremark that will not only tell you whether or not your PC is able to handle virtual reality; it’ll let you know just how able it is.  

Oculus and Valve already offer their own compatibility tests for the Rift and Vive but they aren’t particularly in-depth and don’t give a very good idea of how far your PC will be able to push itself past the recommended specs. 

VRMark is much more comprehensive in its testing, allowing users to perform two benchmark tests which will not only reveal how VR ready their PC is, but what components need to be upgraded if it falls short. 

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Put your PC to the test

If you’re just looking to see whether or not your PC meets the minimum requirements for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, you can access Futuremark’s free Orange Room software. The Orange Room is a first person experience where users move around a museum populated by living paintings and displays, all of which test the virtual reality capabilities of your PC hardware.

There’s also a paid benchmark test called the Blue Room, which is slightly more demanding. If you move onto this test, you already know that your PC is able to handle the basic Vive and Rift experience but now you’ll be able to find out just how far you can push it. 

If your PC is able to pass the Blue Room test it’ll be able to run the latest VR games at the highest settings, and if it does really well it might even be equipped to handle the next generation of headsets. 

You don’t need to have a VR headset to perform these tests as they can be done using your monitor. This makes VRMark a great tool for anyone who’s thinking about buying a headset but wants to make sure their PC is up to scratch first.

Even if you already have a headset, though, the tests are still worth doing, particularly if you’re not entirely happy with your VR experience thus far. Performing the tests even though you have a headset break down the component updates you need to make to improve your PC’s VR performance and give you a sense of which games could prove to be too much. 

VRMark’s basic Orange Room test can be downloaded for free from the Futuremark website. The more advanced Blue Room test can also be found on the official site as well as on Steam for an introductory price of $14.99 (£11.49) which will eventually increase to $19.99 (£14.99). 

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