Confused about the four different iPhone 14 models? This image will clear it all up

iPhone 13 Pro Max
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If you've been following the iPhone 14 rumors, you'd be easily forgiven for getting very confused about what we're expecting. Sure, lots of them back each other up, but it sounds like there are going to be loads of changes this year - helpfully, though, there's a new leak that makes things a bit more understandable.

This important photo was shared by a Twitter user called @SaranByte - apparently, it originated from Chinese social media network Weibo, and we see lots of leaks from there, as lots of the iPhone manufacturing process is based in the country.

The leaked image shows the screens for all four iPhone 14 models, laid side-by-side so you can see and compare the sizes - there's the Pro Max, Max, Pro and standard in that order. And as we can see, there are two key features of them.

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Firstly, there's the size - both the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro are smaller than the other two models. We've heard that these two devices will have 6.1-inch screens, while the others will clock in at 6.7 inches - the image clearly shows this difference.

The other intriguing feature regards the space for the front-facing cameras: many leaks have suggested that the iPhone 14 series will use 'punch-hole' cut-out segments for the selfie camera and Face ID, like lots of Android phones have.

Newer leaks, though, have suggested that only certain members of the iPhone 14 family will get this, and others will stick to the notch like the iPhone 13 family. And that's exactly what we see in the images - the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have spots for the cut-out, while the standard and Max models have spaces for the notch.

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Row 0 - Cell 0 NotchPunch-hole camera
6.1-inch screeniPhone 14iPhone 14 Pro
6.7-inch screeniPhone 14 MaxiPhone 14 Pro Max

The tweeter adds that the two Pro phones have narrower bezels than the iPhone 13 Pro devices do, and that the aspect ratio is different, making them slightly taller and narrower.

Analysis: a reminder but nothing new

This new leak doesn't really provide any new information, but it doesn't really need to.

With so many different leaks and rumors floating around - we sometimes seen multiple a day - it's hard to keep track of all the expected changes and differences in between the new iPhones and the older ones.

That's why leaks like this one are useful - it gives us an easy-to-understand reminder of some of the bigger differences that leaks have already told us.

Another big difference is the chipset - we've heard the Pro models will have a new A16 Bionic processor while the standard and Max devices will get the same A15 that the iPhone 13 models came with.

So in 2022, more than in previous years, it sounds like there's going to be a clear and stark division between the four phones. Of course, this is all based on leaks though, so we'll have to see how it all shakes out at the end of the year when the phones debut.

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