iPhone 14 sales leak suggests it could be a big upgrade

The iPhone 13 Pro Max in silver facing down on a table
An iPhone 13 Pro Max (Image credit: Future)

We've heard enough iPhone 14 leaks to make it sound like the most exciting iPhone update in a while, and according to a new report from China, Apple is expecting it to sell very well.

This comes from the publication Sina Finance - the site is reporting that Apple is telling its suppliers that initial sales for the iPhone 14 will be higher than those for the iPhone 13.

That's a high expectation, especially because the iPhone 13 sold well, despite global phone sales dropping off throughout the year.

It's worth pointing out that this regards initial sales - so for people who buy the phones straight away and don't wait for a while to pick them up.

If the iPhone 14 is set to launch in September - when iPhones generally do - it's likely that production has started already.

Analysis: a big upgrade

If Apple has confidence in the iPhone 14 selling well, then this points toward it being a big upgrade over its predecessor. This is something leaks have pointed to, especially for the Pro model.

We're expecting a much higher-res main camera, a punch-hole front camera, a titanium frame, a bigger battery and an improved chipset over the standard device.

Those changes will make it, both specs-wise and design-wise, a distinct phone from the iPhone 13 Pro - it's likely that even people who don't follow mobile news will understand how the 14 Pro is an upgrade.

So Apple may not be too wrong if it expects people will be interested in the new phones - but will they buy them? Well, that really depends on the price, something that consumers are going to be conscious of given the cost of living crisis going on at the moment.

In fact, the price could be the most important deciding metric for the device, dictating both its sales and if it'll get a spot on our list of the best smartphones.

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