iPhone 11, Galaxy Note 10 and Pixel 4 release dates leaked

Image credit: TechRadar

Phone makers tend to release new models around the same time each year, so we already have a good idea of roughly when we’ll see the rest of 2019’s major handsets. But there’s now some supporting evidence, as a release timeline from American telecom company Verizon has leaked, stating the months that three of this year’s biggest phone ranges will apparently land.

Shared by Evan Blass (a reliable leaker) the timeline lists the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 as landing in mid-late August, the iPhone 11 range in late September and the Google Pixel 4 range in mid-October.

That’s all broadly in line with what we’d predicted, so it could well be accurate, especially given the source and the fact that Verizon would likely have this information, though as with all leaks, we’d take it with a pinch of salt.

Beyond the dates, it’s worth noting that there’s only one iPhone launch listed, which suggests that all of 2019’s models will land at the same time, rather than the iPhone 11R (or whatever it’s called) launching a while after the rest of the range, like the iPhone XR did last year.

Also the fact that we seemingly won’t see the Pixel 4 range until October also makes Google’s decision to tease the design of the phone already all the stranger.

It probably is the real deal, but Google hasn’t been above misleading people with teasers in the past (particularly when it comes to the name of new Android versions), so it’s possible that the final phone will be quite different to what Google has teased.

If this release date schedule is accurate then we won’t know for sure for quite a while yet.


James Rogerson

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