Zavvi re-launched as an online retailer re-launched re-launched

Zavvi, the movie, games and music retailer, has been saved from obscurity with the announcement that has been re-launched.

The troubled retailer went into administration at the end of last year, which eventually saw the closure of all of the chain's high-street stores and many jobs lost.

The company's assets were bought by the Hut Group just this week, with founder Matt Moulding re-opening the Zavvi online portal straight away and throwing a few new interesting items into the mix.

Creating an exciting online retailer

As well as your usual DVDs, CDs and games, the new website is also selling lingerie and perfume.

According to the Guardian, the website will be shipping the items from Guernsey due to the island's VAT-free tax loophole. Not that this is anything new, as the likes of Amazon and operate in the same way.

The main offices of the website will be in Cheshire where is based. The acquisition is said to have created up to 100 new jobs.

Matthew Moulding, CEO of The Hut Group, said: "Zavvi is a major player in entertainment retail, both in the UK and Ireland. Our aim is to capitalise on this well recognised high street brand and transform the business into a leading class online retailer, not only in entertainment, but also across lifestyle products.

"The new discounted price points, supported by significant future investment in customer driven functionality improvements, should enable us to create an exciting online retailer."

To celebrate the re-launch, Zavvi is offering 10 per cent discount on all products until midnight 6 March, with the website advertising the discount as the 'bounce back sale'.

Marc Chacksfield

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