Yahoo redesigns its homepage with mobile-friendly news feed

Do you still Yahoo?
Do you still Yahoo?

Yahoo! is preparing to launch a new redesign for its homepage geared toward making the site easier to navigate for mobile and social users.

The main change will come from the site's shift to an endlessly scrolling news stream, allowing users to select a topic like news, entertainment, or sports and scroll to their heart's content instead of clicking through pages.

The site will also offer deeper social integration with Facebook and Yahoo! accounts, showing which news stories friends are sharing from a range of different sources.

It will even tap into Facebook for displaying information like friends' birthdays right on the homepage.

More changes to come

One benefit of the new homepage design is that it will become more mobile-friendly. In fact, the infinite scroll news feed scales better and runs faster on smartphones and tablets than the current design.

On the other hand, the deeper social features could end up just adding more clutter to an already busy homepage.

Some users may already start to notice the changes, with Yahoo! saying that the new homepage will roll out to all users in the U.S. over the next few days.

Yahoo! teased that more homepage changes are on the way, so we'll have to see in the coming months how far the web redesign rabbit hole goes.