Google+ adds Studio Mode for live Hangouts performances

Google+ adds Studio Mode for live Hangouts performances
Better gigs on Google+ Hangouts On Air

Google has unleashed its latest weapon in Operation: MG+CAU (Make Google+ Cool and Useful) - an enhanced audio mode to enable improved live musical concerts broadcast via Hangouts.

Earlier this year, Google added the ability to publicly broadcast Hangouts On Air, a feature which bands and artists are using to bring special live shows to their fans using the now-one-year-old social network.

Noting this shift, Google has made it so performers can now move into Studio Mode, which optimises the broadcast for music rather than conversation.

While voice chats are designed to pick up the users voice and block out as much of the background noise as possible, Studio Mode offers a better balance of all sounds picked up by the microphone.

Take the stage

"We wanted to make these live hangout concerts sound more like the stage, so today we're rolling out Studio Mode," said Google's Matthew Leske on his personal Google+ page.

"As a musician, all you need to do is start your Hangout On Air, click settings, and switch from Voice to Studio Mode."

Google has posted a video of the results for our perusal and it does seem much better, although all sorts of audio finagling may have taken place here. Check it out below.

Via: The Verge

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