Google + is one year old

Google + is one year old
Happy birthday, Google +

Today at Google IO 2012, Google announced that there are now more than 250M Google+ accounts.

After launching to a lukewarm reception, Google seems commited to continuing the growth and adoption of their upstart social media hub.

Described by Google as a "social destination," active Google+ members spend more than 12 minutes a day in the stream, according to data from the search giant.

The more interesting statistic revealed today is that more users engage with Google+ from their mobile devices than with their desktops computers.

Google+ for tablets available today

Google + is one year old

With that in mind, Google announced Google+ for tablets is now available. The Google+ stream on tables is designed to be super fast and fluid and most importantly, Google+ will launch on the iPad as well as Android tablets.

Google Hangout, which is one of the more popular aspects of Google+ will also work on tablets.

Google + is one year old

Seeing that most Google+ users engage with it via mobile devices, all of the improvements to Google+ that we saw for the tablets will be available on Android phones starting today.

Google believes that "the substance of a real world event is lost online." To that end, they've dramatically improved Google+ to better manage events. Specifically, before, during, and after. Boasting deep integration with Google calendar before is all about the experience of inviting someone. Sporting what Google calls "cinemagraphic themes" the event invite will work seamlessly with pics.

Next is the during. When you enable "party mode," all photos instantly appear on the event page. According to Google this solves the problem of having pics on multiple devices that are owned by multiple people. You can even do live slideshows. Finally there's the after, where all pics end up in one place in chronological order.

Available for all Android tablets and phones as well as the New iPad, Google+ hopes to create a broad ecosystem that seemlessly incorporates your social world with your hardware.

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