Twitter gets free voice calls feature today

Call your mates, via Twitter, with a new VoIP application from third-party company Jajah

Twitter may well beat Facebook in the race to offer its users voice-calls, if a new third-party app for the social networking service proves to work this week.

Later this week, Twitterers will be able to make voice-calls directly using a third-party app from Jajah called Jajah@call

The service goes into beta this week, allowing users to type '@call @username' into any Twitter client to make a voice call to friends.

While in beta, calls will be limited to two minutes, which the company sees as being "the verbal equivalent of a tweet" – although in TechRadar's experience, we find that we are usually able to squeeze in a few more than 140 letters into the average two-minute phone call!

Jajah requires both users to have a Twitter account (obviously) as well as a Jajah account.

The service is expected to work on any Twitter-enabled device, from your PC to your iPhone.

Facebook is also looking to integrate voice chat into its offering via a third-party application from Vivox.

We will be sure to test out both services for call quality, stability and more and let you know our thoughts on using Facebook and Twitter as VoIP telephony services as soon as we have formulated our opinion1