Social Network writer 'seriously considering' Steve Jobs movie

The Social Network writer 'seriously considering' Steve Jobs movie
Steve Jobs - a tough nut to crack

Having tackled Zuckerberg and the Winkelvoss twins, The Social Network script writer Aaron Sorkin has been offered tech-land's most sought after scripting gig: writing the Steve Jobs movie.

Sony, which bought the rights to Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography for a rumoured $1 million, has offered the Sorkin the job and he's having a good old think about it.

Good job

Sorkin told E! Online, "Sony has asked me to write the movie and it's something I'm strongly considering,

"Right now I'm just in the thinking-about-it stages. It's a really big movie and it's going to be a great movie no matter who writes it."

Not sure that's necessarily true, Aaron, but carry on:

"He was a great entrepreneur, he was a great artist, a great thinker. He's probably inspired [my 11-year-old daughter] Roxy more than he's inspired me … she plays with all his toys."

After Steve Jobs' death earlier this year, the movie will be controversial no matter who pens the screenplay - but at least Sorkin actually knew Jobs personally, which gives us just a tad more confidence in the project.

Meanwhile the Hollywood rumour mill continues to throw up potential candidates to play Jobs himself. Current front-runners include George Clooney, Noah Wyle and some people who didn't play major characters in ER.

From E! Online via The Guardian

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