Netflix announces its first original movie will premiere in 2014

Netflix announces its first original movie will debut in 2014
Netflix - staying original

Netflix has reached into its deep pockets and acquired the rights to its first feature length documentary.

The Square is an original film picked up by the streaming service and one that has already been picked by many as a contender for Best Documentary at the Oscars.

Given that it won an Emmy for House Of Cards, Netflix is already beating the TV industry at its own game and it is now hoping to do the same with the movie industry.

Square eyed

The Square is a movie that was filmed over the course of a number of years in Cairo and focuses on a group of activists within Egypt. It was shown off earlier in the year at a variety of film festivals and won the audience award both at Sundance and the Toronto Film Festival.

Netflix has been rather vocal about its plans to make original movies as well as original television shows.

In October, chief content officer Ted Sarandos hinted about the service's movie plans, noting: "What we're trying to do for TV, the model should extend pretty nicely to movies."

The producer of The Square, Karim Amer, certainly believes in Netflix's movie plans saying: "We see the deep value that Netflix places in this story of a very alive moment in world history and are thrilled they understand the power of this film to move, disrupt and inspire audiences worldwide."

According to Netflix, The Square will be shown sometime in early 2014.

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