Lots of people on Vine are trying to summon a demon

Lots of people on Vine are trying to summon a demon

If you've got two pencils, some paper, a cameraphone and no problem with looking ridiculous on the internet, you can take part in the Charlie Charlie Challenge that is currently taking over Vine and Twitter.

Once we had chain emails that promised a grizzly end if you didn't forward them on to everyone in your address book, now we have Vine-based Ouija boards. By drawing a grid, writing yes in two corners and no in the other two then chanting "Charlie, Charlie, are you there?" you can find out if Charlie is there or not then post it to Vine.

Of course, there are as many "why the hell are you doing this" parody videos as there are legit Charlie Challenges. Religious Twitter has jumped on it as a chance to spread The Word. One Direction fans are using it to find out which band member will marry them. Poor Charlie is run ragged.

Quite aside from the fact that we can tell you're just blowing that pencil, pal, I can tell you right now which one of the four remaining members of One Direction is going to marry you: none of them. Or, at a push, Louis. But probably not even him.

I guess this is what happens when the UK and the US have a three day weekend at the same time. Let us know which member of One Direction you'd like to marry in the comments below.

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