Google TV prevents advert skipping

Will we be 'ad by Google TV?
Will we be 'ad by Google TV?

Google unveiled its hybrid internet/television service this month, with the onus very much on 'TV meets the web. Web meets TV'.

This may be an enticing prospect but it seems that Google TV will bring with it some of the more annoying aspects of web video, including adverts that cannot be skipped.

Speaking at the search giant's I/O briefing in Sydney, Australia, Google TV product manager Rishi Chandra said about the issue: "It's much harder with an on demand system for users to skip the ads because they are being streamed in real time."

No skip to the end

This will come as a surprise to those who are used to fast-forwarding television advertising, but relief to advertisers who actually want their ads seen.

Both Sony and Logitech have announced that they will be offering the Google TV service, in association with Intel, on their products and Google hopes that its platform will offer a lean-back experience for web content on TV.

The lack of ad skipping has pleased some, Daniel Leesong, chief executive of Australia's peak advertising body, the Communications Council, spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald about the news saying: "From our perspective it's a very good thing. Ad skipping is an acknowledged issue in the advertising industry."

We wonder if consumers will be thinking the same thing.

Via The Age

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