Google TV gets Android voice control app

Google upgrades Google TV's movie features and adds an Android voice search app
Google upgrades Google TV's movie features and adds an Android voice search app

Google has made a number of improvements to its Google TV service this week, with improved voice control via an Android handset and improved movie search.

Google TV was launched back in October earlier this year.

What's new with Google TV?

"It's been two months since the first Google TV device went on sale," blogs Larry Yang, Google TV Product Manager. "Since then, we have been hard at work thinking about how we can make the platform even better for our users.

"In fact, one of the greatest things about Google TV is that it comes with free, automatic "over-the-air" software updates that give you the newest features and content as we release them. It's as if Google TV goes up in value over time."

As such, this week sees the first Google TV software update, which fixes a number of bugs and introduces four significant improvements to the platform, which are as follows:


The Netflix app has been upgraded "so that you can search, browse and watch any movie or show that is in the Netflix streaming catalog…. [and] add
these titles to your DVD queue if you want them mailed to you."

2.Dual View

Google TV's latest feature lets you "do things like watch Conan while tweeting about him on Twitter at the same time" with lots of new customization options now added so, for example, you can now "re-size and move the window however you'd like."

3.Remote Control App for Android Phones

"What if you could control your TV with the power of your voice? Starting today you can download the Google TV Remote app in Android Market." You can see a short YouTube preview of these features below.


"Say you're searching for a movie like 'Harry Potter'. Google TV now has a movie results page that shows you all films associated with the title so you can quickly watch what you want, wherever it's available -- ranging from sources like live TV, Netflix, and Amazon Video on Demand."

Google TV users with Android phones can grab The Google TV Remote app now by simply clicking here from an Android device

Via The Official Google TV blog

Adam Hartley