Google TV: all you need to know

Google TV - explained and dissected
Google TV - explained and dissected

Update: we've now published our in-depth Google TV review

Google's recent announcement of Google TV wasn't exactly met with 'oohs' and 'aahs' but with 'errs' and 'hmms' – mainly because most people didn't quite understand what Google was trying to do with its web-TV mash-up.

Thankfully Google has come up with another twee advert to explain just what Google TV does.

Sony and Intel are partnering with Google on its Android-based platform. Logitech has also got in on the act, offering a remote control cum keyboard to make sure you can do all the lovely things that Google says it can do.

Below are a selection of questions which Google's latest walkthrough tries to answer.

What is Google TV?

Google tv

Google TV is an amalgamation of three things: TV, DVR recordings and the entire internet.

How can I get Google TV?

Google tv

It will come pre-installed in some TVs and come in set-top box form.

Is there any added functionality?

google tv

Combining the web and TV means you can watch a football match in the corner of your telly (Google showed off a basketball game) then check the stats of the match on the web and in the same screen.

Will I recognise it as a Google product?

Google tv

It add search functionality to your TV, so you can search for channels and shows and record them.

Can I access the web?

Google tv

It has a built-in web browser so you can record shows and other content that is found on the web.

Does it give me more things to watch?

Google tv

"With Google TV, there is always something good on and always interesting content to find." So says Google and who are we to argue?

What about social networking?

Google tv

You can also combine the likes of Twitter and the TV you are watching to make television viewing a social networking experience.

Is it just about watching TV and shows?

Google tv

Google TV isn't just about video, either. From your TV you will be able to access Flickr for images, for music and even play the likes of Farmville on your telly.

Can I use apps that appear on Market?

Google tv

Google TV is also all about the apps, so there will be thousands of Android apps available to view and use through your television, all of which will be downloadable from Android Market.

Can I make Google TV my own?

Google tv

It is also about customisation. Like Google Chrome, you will be able to customise the homepage of your TV, so it is easier to access the content you have recorded.

If you want to see the entire Google TV walkthrough, then take a gander at the video below:

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