Live the superficial life of a footballer

No footballers yet... but wait for the game to be released and there will be a throng of WAGs

The popularity of such games as World of Warcraft and Pro Evolution Soccer has led Nottingham-based start-up CyberSports to create Football Superstars, where you can live as a Premier League player.

Starting out as a nobody having a kick about on five-a-side pitches, you can progress within the game to 11-a-side, then enter the Second Life-style world and try and get picked up by one of the big teams.

And what about the time when you're not on the pitch? Well, you just rock up at snazzy virtual restaurants, hang out in bars and look cool.


We assume this game could also be played by wannabe WAGs who want to virtually sell their story too?

The game is free to download, but you can buy things like cars and boots and cats (well, maybe not cats. Footballers are allergic to cats. All of them).

All players on the pitch will be controlled by real people, and using 3D sound, you can hear each other calling from any angle, just like in real life!

CyberSports Chief Executive, Malcolm Clark, said he hoped the big draw of the game would be not just the football, but getting the chance to train and socialise with your team too.

You might think that playing football in the real world would be better. But then again, you'd think living in the real world would be better than Second Life (it is).