Amazon's new Game Download Store launched

Amazon is moving into the casual game downloads market in the US
Amazon is moving into the casual game downloads market in the US

Amazon US has launched a a beta version of a Game Download Store offering a range of new casual games over the internet.

While revenues in the casual gaming industry are taking a dive elsewhere, it seems Amazon is sure it can make money from those looking for an instant gaming fix for anything between $6.99 to $9.99.

Perhaps the coolest feature is the option to download any game for a quick 30-minute trial before you decide whether or not you wish to part with your hard-earned cash.

Casual games a natural fit

"Casual Games are a natural fit with our demographic," Amazon's Greg Hart told Kotaku.

"We have 88 million active customers who can appreciate the convenience of the true Amazon shopping experience combined with the casual games experience."

Hart went on to hint that the service may move beyond casual games: "We always want to offer the widest selection possible, just like we've done with our boxed games over the past two years."

Free and easy games

There are around 600 games available already, three of which - Jewel Quest II, Build-a-lot and The Scuffs - were available for free.

You can check out Amazon's Game Download Store right here.

Note that (if you are in the US) you'll need to download the Amazon Games and Software Downloader application.

Amazon UK has yet to confirm if and when the service will launch over here. An Amazon UK rep reminded TechRadar this morning that the company "does not discuss what it might do in the future."

Adam Hartley