BBC Sport app hits Facebook to live stream Wimbledon, Olympics

BBC Sport app hits Facebook to live stream Wimbledon, Olympics
He's a Brit now but how long before he's a Scot again?

Not content with streaming literally every second of Olympics action on the web and multiple mobile apps, the BBC has unveiled a new Facebook addition to the Games streaming party.

Technically in Beta, the app has already begun streaming the tennis from Wimbledon live and will offer up to 24 streams of Olympics coverage (obligatory let's hope they don't cross them etc etc).

As well as the live sports, the BBC Sport Facebook app lets you 'like' streams, share them and has an in-app news feed that will tell you 'in real time' what your friends are watching.

Go on Tim

Each live event also has a Facebook comments thread below it – at time of writing, this is mostly filled with people needlessly informing strangers that they're "just trying this out" but we're sure these will become a little more sport-related as time goes on.

The Facebook app will only work on the desktop site, so if you're trying to use it through a mobile app then it will redirect you to the BBC Sport website. If you're interested in a spot of mid-afternoon skiving off, you can try the Facebook app out for yourself here.

Also new to the BBC's sporting arsenal is a PS3 app which hit the PlayStation Network in beta this week.

At present the PS3 sports app incorporates live streams of Euro 2012, Formula 1 and Wimbledon along with news, interviews and highlight videos.

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