Instagram 'Favorites' may be a new feature for private picture sharing

Though Instagram is a number-one destination for sharing your latest pictures with the world, there are times when you prefer to not give your latest pic to a massive audience of strangers.

To that end, Instagram is testing out a "Favorites" feature allowing users to share pictures that are only visible to a smaller, pre-selected group of followers, according to The Verge.

Previously, Instagram users would get around separating fully public posts from friends-only posts by simply operating two separate accounts — one of which could be seen only to approved followers. 

With this new feature, Instagram hopes to do away with the need for a second private account, giving users expanded options over who all can see their latest snap. 

Fav photos

Once launched, you won't know if you're on a friend's special list unless you see one of their select posts at the top of your feed, indicated by a green Favorites badge.

Of course, Instagram isn't the first social media network to instill a similar "inner circle" for posts. Facebook, which owns Instagram, offers multiple controls that edit who can see what you post — be it an image, link, or status.

Snapchat, which closer competes with Instagram's photo-sharing antics, allows you to choose individual recipients for each picture you take (which then disappears after viewing) since day one.

Instagram is reportedly testing out Favorites with a small number of users with plans to roll it out widely over the coming months. In the meantime, feel free to consult our guide to making the most out of the filter-focused photography app.

Parker Wilhelm
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