Huge Android 12 leak reveals more of its revamped design

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We should hear a lot more about Android 12 at the Google IO 2021 event happening on Tuesday, May 18, but if you're eager to get a sneak preview ahead of time, then there are extensive leaks of the software interface to check out.

The leaks come from well-known tipster John Prosser and the Front Page Tech YouTube channel – the same source that earlier this week unveiled details of what the Pixel 6 flagship could end up looking like.

While we've seen hints of the visual overhaul that's coming with Android 12, Prosser goes into much more detail: we get to see some of the design tweaks that are coming to notifications and buttons, as well as redesigned widgets for music playback, weather, and an analog clock.

According to a slide apparently leaked from Google IO 2021, Android will bring with it "a beautiful new experience", "stronger privacy and security protections", and make sure that "all of your devices work better together" as well.

It's that "beautiful new experience" that these new leaks are centered around, with pastel colors and rounded edges in abundance – you can see a few of the design elements and some of the updated Android 12 animations in the Front Page Tech video, which we've embedded above.

Everything looks very fluid and fast – there are apparently incoming changes to the notification buttons in the status bar, the size of the clock on the lock screen, and the way that alerts are stacked on the display as they come in.

It looks as though the Android 12 keyboard is getting some visual refinements too, so there's a lot to take in here. None of these design changes have shown up in the developer preview versions of Android 12 that have already been released, but we might see them in the first public beta edition.

While these visuals look legitimate and come from a good source – and match up with earlier leaks – we'll have to wait until Tuesday to know for sure what's coming with Android 12. TechRadar will be covering the event in depth, and bringing you all the hardware and software news that Google announces.

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