HTC U Ultra and U Play price: how much are HTC's latest phones?

HTC revealed the U Ultra and U Play at the start of the year and it's now almost time for the phones to land on the virtual shelves and in stores around the world.

Pre-order prices for both the U Ultra and U Play are beginning to become clear for the UK.

March 1 is the release date for the UK, while those in Australia are going to have to wait until March 8. The US is only getting the HTC U Ultra, and that will come at some point in the middle of March.

HTC U Ultra price

The HTC U Ultra is up for pre-order in the US directly from HTC at $749 but there's no word on other places to buy the phone at the moment.

In the UK, you have a few choices of places to buy - it costs £649 directly from HTC, but there are better deals out there.

You can grab the HTC U Ultra for £614.98 at Unlocked Mobiles or it's slightly more at Clove for £620.

The HTC U Ultra is also available SIM-free from Carphone Warehouse at £649.99, but there's also a number of monthly deals including 24GB of data for £42 a month and an upfront cost of £99.99.

Australia will also get the HTC U Ultra on March 8, but so far there's no word on how much it will cost there.

HTC U Play price

The cheaper phone of the HTC U range is also up for pre-order in the UK for £399 directly from HTC. Clove has it for £394.99, while it's a penny cheaper at Unlocked Mobiles.

It's remarkably expensive at Carphone Warehouse for a whopping £469.99, but the monthly deals look a lot more attractive. You can get a free phone and 24GB of data for only £32 a month.

HTC has confirmed it won't be launching U Play in the US, but it will be coming to Australia on March 8. The price for those in Australia is unclear, but if it's anything like the UK cost it'll be around AU$650.

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