How to watch Borat 2 online: stream Borat’s Subsequent Moviefilm from anywhere today

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Sixteen years after Borat Sagdiyev tried to stuff his beloved Pamela Anderson into a burlap sack, Sacha Baron Cohen is back in his most famous guise, doing what he does make: taking naive Americans by surprise with more cultural learnings to make benefit glorious nation Kazakhstan. And in an election year, no less! Get ready to gasp, laugh, and cringe uncontrollably - Borat's Subsequent Moviefilm is out now and our guide explains how to watch Borat 2 online from anywhere - including free Borat 2 streams in some countries!

In 2006, Borat was a critical and commercial success. The acclaimed mockumentary provoked discomfort across the political spectrum and shocked guffaws from its audience, raking in a cool $262 million at the worldwide box office. It even won Sacha Baron Cohen a Golden Globe for Best Actor as the affable but socially and culturally incendiary Kazakhstani 'journalist'.

Borat 2 Cheat Sheet

Release date: Friday, October 23 2020

Director: Jason Woliner

Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen, Irina Nowak, Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani

Run time: 1hr 35 mins

Rating: R

Watch now: Amazon Prime Video - FREE TRIAL

Fast forward to the absolute monstrosity known simply as 2020 and he's back in 'Yankee land' for Borat’s Subsequent Moviefilm, attempting to deliver a 'prodigious bribe to American Regime' – that bribe appearing to be his daughter. But, being made famous by the first Borat film, he’s having to achieve his special mission incognito. Cue Borat crashing a conference disguised as Donald Trump, hollering "I brought the girl for you" at Mike Pence, crashing an interview with ex-NYC mayor and fervent Trump support Rudy Giuliani, and some indecent exposure at an 18th century style dance.

Even more hilariously near the knuckle, we’ll see Borat trying – and failing – to navigate America in the middle of the nation's coronavirus lockdown. Production resumed quickly and discreetly after restrictions eased, so we’re treated to scenes of Borat in quarantine with two strangers for good measure. “What’s more dangerous, the virus or the Democrats”? he asks. “The Democrats” they concur, without even the faintest whiff of irony.

Yessirree Bob, a revival of Baron Cohen’s brand of provocation couldn’t arrive at a more...interesting time, with just days left now before the 2020 US presidential election and with the world still reeling from Covid-19. Will Borat sequel be great success? Read on to find out and watch Borat 2 online from anywhere. Spoiler alert... it's an Amazon Prime Video exclusive.

How to watch Borat 2 online for FREE with Amazon Prime Video


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How to watch Borat 2 from outside your country

Want to see 2020’s most riotous comedy? If you’re out of the country and want to access your Amazon Prime account, geo-blocking restrictions might prove the bane of your existence.

Fortunately, there's an easy solution. Downloading a VPN will allow you to watch Borat 2 online no matter where you are, changing your IP address and circumventing regional restrictions.

Use a VPN to watch Borat 2 from anywhere


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