Sennheiser's high-end 500 Series cans boast EAR technology

Sennheiser 598 series look the business
Sennheiser 598 series look the business

Sennheiser has announced the arrival of its latest high-end range of headphones, the 500 Series.

These new cans offer up some premium listening goodness, with the series boasting something called EAR (Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement) technology.

Bad puns aside – earganomic, really? – the 500 series does have some top-end specs, including the use of neodymium magnets and Duofol diaphragms to guarantee natural reproduction, a gold-plated 6.3 mm audio jack and a frequency response of 12 to 38,500 Hertz.

In short: that Lady Gaga/Spice Girls mashup you secretly listen to is going to sound ace with these strapped to your ears.

Everybody Hertz

The 500 Series comes in three flavours: HD598 (padded with a compressed cellulose fleece and hits 38,500 Hertz), HD558 (built with soft velour ear pads and reaches 28,000 Hertz) and the HD518 (comes complete with anthracite finish and can reproduce up to 26,000 Hertz).

Pricing is still to be announced but expect to see these in the shops this month, as the UK release date is September.


Also announced is some new additions to Sennheiser's 'mini' range of headphones.

The PX 90 and PMX 90 offer decent sound reproduction but inside an ultralight chassis – just 52g and 68g respectively.

The PMX 90 goes for a neckband look while the PX 90 favours the more traditional headband. Both have a frequency response of 20-22,000 Hertz.

Again pricing is to be announced but they two have a UK release date of September.

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