Pioneer's 60" Kuro tells LG: 'Bring it on'

When you can't see the difference between the screen and the bezel, who's counting contrast ratios?

We wrote yesterday about LG's 'G platform' plasma panel technology, which has been on display at the FPD exhibition in Japan this week.

Pioneer's Kuro plasmas have been earning rave reviews at every turn, and they are, quite rightly, seen as the benchmark for LG to aim at.

Full HD Kuro goodness

As of today we can say that mark has been raised still higher. Our sister title Home Cinema Choice has just finished reviewing the PDP-LX608D, which is a Full HD Kuro set with a massive 60-inch screen size.

The 42-inch and 50-inch Kuro models have been doing the rounds for some time. While they've impressed all comers, there's always been the feeling that Pioneer has kept the best for last in the staggered launch of its 8G plasmas during 2007.

And while LG can crow about 30,000:1 contrast ratios, Pioneer's impressive blacks are about more than just a number. To quote the HCC review: "It's actually difficult to see the join between the screen and the jet-black bezel when you've got something completely black on show."

What more do you want out of a next-generation plasma?

We certainly look forward to seeing the G platform LG plasmas. But with its overachieving Kuro range winning every award going, we get the feeling that Pioneer isn't particularly worried.

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