Hitman's newest mission has you killing the burglars from Home Alone

What’s the best Christmas movie? Obviously the only answer here is Die Hard, but Home Alone deserves a mention, and now its two baddies, Harry and Marv, have made their way to Hitman’s Paris level as a pair of burglars in need of a good dose of assassination. 

The inclusion was first spotted by Twitter user @CountZio, who posted a screenshot of the mission description. 

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Apparently the two criminals left the States for Paris after “a series of botched break-ins and related violent crimes forced them to leave.”

Now it appears the two are holed up in Hitman’s first level, and need to be taken out, or “[retired] with extreme prejudice” according to the mission briefing. 

A good year of content

It’s been a good year for Hitman. Many were sceptical when it was first announced that the game would be produced in episodes, but developers IO Interactive have shown the world how to do episodic gaming correctly with frequent large pieces of content supplemented by smaller events. 

The illusive target missions have been particularly effective, and have previously featured the actor Gary Busey as a character to be ‘offed’. 

The new assassination mission has been accompanied by a level redesign, as Paris has been decked out with snow-covered Christmas trees and presents dotted throughout the map.

Jon Porter

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