Totem Acoustics' Model One special edition

The One
Possibly crafted from baby's tears

Canada’s Totem Acoustics is celebrating its twentieth anniversary with a special edition loudspeaker.

The Montreaul-based loudspeaker specialist – who is renowned for its slow-growing range of speakers – has now released a special edition of The Model One, the speaker that not only started the ball rolling for the firm, but also was the only speaker it produced up until 1992!

You are The One

The new product, simply called The One, builds upon the strengths of the original Model One, and is available in a strictly limited edition. The One features bi-wired WBT Platinum binding posts, improved internal bracing and upgrades to key components within the crossover to facilitate bi-wiring.

The result is claimed to improve the midrange and make the high frequencies smoother. But all that performance takes patience: according to the manufacturer, the speakers require a massive 150-200 hour break-in period.

Totem says that, “No expense or development cost was spared in obtaining the most exotic and musically pleasing componentry. The One has great ability to capture midrange subtlety, dynamics and proper timbre”.

This limited edition model is based around a 25mm aluminium dome tweeter, a 140mm bass driver and 7.2litre cabinet. It is expected to sell for £2,300.