HBO drops Watchmen season trailer for all the twists and turns to come

(Image credit: Warner Bros. / DC Entertainment)

Watchmen has arrived. After months of speculation, hype, and excitement over HBO's take on the Watchmen IP for television, and the first episode setting up some of the forces at play, we now have a brand new season trailer hinting at the events and characters to come.

Watchmen episode one ended on something of a cliffhanger, and the trailer below likely won't clear up too many of your questions – but it gives some scintillating peeks at the action, chases, and destruction coming throughout the season. And if you having trouble following all the action, you can check out our Watchmen episode guide for all the info you need.

It's clear there'll be more of Regina King's Sister Knight character, as well as some new faces including FBI Agent Laurie Blake – who some of you may remember as the second Silk Spectre from the comics – and a mysterious woman with big plans for the town of Tulsa and its surrounding state: "I have a secret plan to save humanity... and it starts in Oklahoma."

Vast and insidious

In the wake of HBO's Game of Thrones having come to an end – at least before the Bloodmoon prequel – and acclaimed hit Succession finishing its most recent season, Watchmen will be the one to watch on HBO in the coming weeks, and it's not hard to see why. 

Damon Lindelof's 'remix' of the Watchmen graphic novel is clearly ambitious, and even from the outset is tackling heady issues such as white supremacy and police violence without so much as flinching.

With mentions of a "vast and insidious conspiracy at play" in the trailer, we can't wait to see more.

Henry St Leger

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