Hawkeye on Disney Plus has finished filming – but is Clint Barton's story done?

Marvel's Hawkeye
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Marvel's Hawkeye TV series, which is coming to Disney Plus later this year, appears to have wrapped production. Filming has finished on the superhero TV show, according to star Jeremy Renner – but it appears that Clint Barton's MCU arc may not end with Hawkeye's final episode.

Renner confirmed that Wednesday, April 21 was the last day of shooting on the TV show via his personal Instagram account. The actor posted a selfie on his Instagram Story to reveal the news, which you can see below courtesy of The Marvel Bulletin Twitter account.

Check out Renner's Instagram Story, which contains the image and caption "Last day, for now..." in the tweet below:

Could Hawkeye appear in other MCU movies and TV shows?

Spoilers for Avengers: Endgame follow.

While the "for now..." part of Renner's caption may end up referring to potential reshoots, depending on how the series is edited, it's the second sentence that seems to hint that Barton could exist in the MCU post-Hawkeye.

The second part of the caption reads "This is not goodbye, but a see you soon". Of course, MCU fans could interpret this as another way of saying that Renner may be back to film extra scenes if they're needed – but it would be an odd way of saying so.

What if, then, Renner is teasing his return in another capacity in the MCU? As fans will be aware, Barton looks like he'll be training Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) to be his Hawkeye successor in the TV show, which is what happens in Hawkeye's 2012 comic run. As we speculated in our Hawkeye hub, it's possible that Barton's doing so as he can no longer carry out his Hawkeye duties due to hearing loss. Again, this is something that happens in a 1983 Hawkeye comic series, so there's precedent for Marvel Studios to adapt its source material for its live-action series.

That's not all. Barton may have been reunited with his family after they were snapped back into existence in Avengers: Endgame, but it's likely that he'll be suffering from the trauma of losing them. Add in his five-year stint hunting down criminals as alter-ego Ronin during the Blip – which we'll be getting more flashbacks of in Hawkeye – and Barton has plenty of baggage to deal with in the Hawkeye TV series.

While it's likely that Bishop will assume the mantle of Hawkeye by the end of the TV show, Barton could still stick around the MCU in another way. If Hawkeye receives a second season – and Marvel Studios hasn't ruled out follow-up seasons for its TV shows, according to executive producer Nate Moore – Barton could continue to be Bishop's mentor in a possible second season.

Not only that, but he could also make a cameo appearance in a series like Falcon and the Winter Soldier season 2, should Marvel greenlight a second instalment of this series. Barton also had a father-daughter kind of relationship with Wanda Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron, so it would be cool to see him appear in any Scarlet Witch-centric movie in the future, too.

Whatever happens, Renner's latest Instagram post appears to tease that Barton is around for a while yet in the MCU. Of course, that might not happen if he's killed off in Hawkeye's TV show, but we can't see that happening. If we're right, it would be great to see Barton crop up in other future MCU productions, if only in a cameo capacity.

We won't have long to wait to find out if any of the above is true, as Hawkeye is currently slated to arrive exclusively on Disney Plus later this year.

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