Hasselblad X1D successor may have leaked ahead of announcement

Hasselblad X1D
Image credit: Hasselblad

Swedish medium format camera manufacturer Hasselblad is rumored to be readying a follow-up to its X1D camera, possibly dubbed the Hasselblad X1DX or X1D II.

The company has been teasing a new camera for the last few days on its social media channels, while a recent image leak elsewhere has intensified speculation as to what it might be.

Rumors suggest it will be based around the same 102MP sensor featured inside the Fujifilm GFX 100, the third model in Fujifilm's medium format GFX line.

While Fujifilm has stuck with its proprietary X-Trans sensor system for its X-series cameras like the X-T3 and X-T30, its medium format models to date have employed more conventional sensors with Bayer RGB color filter arrays. That in itself makes it more likely that the same sensor may appear in cameras from other brands.

The image leaked (below) shows what appears to be the new model from its side. The camera appears significantly deeper than the X1D, something that may be explained by the presence of sensor-based image stabilization.

Is the image real? It's certainly convincing, even if Mirrorless Rumors (where the image appeared) is calling it a fake. However, we do have more legit images of what's in the pipeline, courtesy of Hasselblad's Facebook page: 

Incidentally, Hasselblad does already offer cameras with 100MP sensors, or more specifically camera backs with 100MP sensors, but these are designed for the H system, rather than the more portable mirrorless line to which the X1D belongs.

An official announcement about what the company is calling "the next chapter of Hasselblad history" is expected on June 19.