Halo: Reach is stuttering for some PC gamers – but there’s a fix

Halo: Reach
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Halo: Reach has just launched on PC, and while it has been generally well-received – certainly a ton of folks are playing it – there are some issues with the shooter, most notably a problem with stuttering frame rates, and audio glitches.

These top the list of known issues which has been posted by the developer, and the good news for those suffering from in-game stuttering is that there are some suggested fixes provided.

Initial investigations indicate that some third-party gaming software can be a factor here, with Corsair iCue, Logitech G-Hub, and Razer Synapse being mentioned specifically.

The recommendation is to disable these applications – whichever third-party app you might be running – and it’s certainly worth trying this to see if it has the desired effect of combating stuttering.

Here at TechRadar Towers, we ran into issues with Razer Synapse, but we found that switching our headset for a different model was the solution – though admittedly we didn't really try closing the software on its own.

There is also the possibility that the Variable Frame Rate option could potentially be a cause, so if you’re getting stuttering while running this, you’re advised to create a ticket over at the Halo Support site.

Naturally, if you’re encountering any kind of problem with Halo: Reach, you can always head over there and try to enlist some help.

Sound stumbles

A further major problem is that the game’s audio is flaky, at least for some players, and either of a low quality or generally muffled, or suffering from inconsistent volume levels.

The devs note that this was a known issue at launch, and sadly, that there isn’t a trivial fix, and it’s a problem that “will require quite a bit of work and time to resolve”. For those suffering on the sound front, the good news is at least work is underway on resolving the gremlin, and 343 Industries says it will keep us updated on the progress of this fix.

Other reported issues include sluggish performance in the game menus, issues around screen tearing and V-Sync not performing as it should, and serious lag meaning a poor experience when playing the co-op campaign. For the full list of bugbears, check here.

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