Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL leaked photos are exactly what we expected

Google will formally unveil its Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones on October 9, but that’s not stemming the flow of leaks. Not at all.

Today’s Pixel 3 leak includes a set of alleged press images, and it looks… pretty much how we were expecting. We can’t verify them, of course, but the photos depict both standard and large versions of the phone – and if they’re to be believed, the bigger model will come with an iPhone XS-like notch cut out on the top.

Otherwise, this confirms a lot of the earlier leaks, including a single rear-facing camera and dual front-facing lenses as well as bottom bezels on both models. Netherlands site Nieuwe Mobiel didn’t touch on whether the two front lenses were there to enable the so-called ‘Super Selfies’ feature, which was previously rumored to enable better bokeh effects through a new portrait mode. We also don’t know if one of those lenses will be wide-angle.

Unsurprisingly, the images show the supposed Pixel 3 phones with the Android Pie’s telltale navigation dock and search bar – though unlike other builds, this one seems to have a colored-in Google logo on the left and, crucially, a Google Assistant button on the right. And if we’re splitting hairs, the images don’t show any cloudy background we’ve come to expect from Pie, though that does match earlier leaks of a supposed Pixel 3 coming from Reddit.

The images also depict Pixel 3 and XL phones in dark gray textile cases that Google first released with last year’s Pixel 2 phones. 

We’ll find out how accurate these leaks are when Google reveals the Pixel 3 phones on October 9. Yes, just about everything has emerged, but, we still don’t know how much the phones will cost. The Pixel 2 started at $649 (£629, AU$1,079) at launch and its successor isn’t expected to be priced much higher.

David Lumb

David is now a mobile reporter at Cnet. Formerly Mobile Editor, US for TechRadar, he covered phones, tablets, and wearables. He still thinks the iPhone 4 is the best-looking smartphone ever made. He's most interested in technology, gaming and culture – and where they overlap and change our lives. His current beat explores how our on-the-go existence is affected by new gadgets, carrier coverage expansions, and corporate strategy shifts.