God of War on PC? Here’s why the PS4 game could be making the jump

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God of War may be making its way to PC, if a tweaked website listing from PlayStation is anything to go by.

The official PlayStation website usually lists PS4 exclusives as 'Only on PlayStation', but it appears that this label is no longer on the website page for 2018's God of War – suggesting a move to another platform may be imminent.

All eyes are on PlayStation to announce more PC ports of hit PS4 games, after Horizon Zero Dawn was confirmed for the PC platform in early March. We don't expect to hear a God of War PC announcement quite so soon after, but it hints at what good news we may get to hear later in the year.

God of War was voted our best game of the year in 2018, and is an incredible showcase for both the standard PS4 and higher-spec PS4 Pro – with plenty of potential for souped-up PCs. There's been lots of speculation around a new God of War 2 game, which we expect at this point would be exclusive to the PS5.

All about the games

Exclusivity is a big draw for both the Xbox One and PS4 consoles, and that's a fight that's only going to continue with the next-gen Xbox Series X and PS5.

As much as some of us may like to pore over minute technical differences in console specs, the system architecture of the Xbox and PlayStation is more similar with every generation, and deciding which games are on what platform is largely arbitrary. 

But Sony has a much better reputation on this count, with Marvel's Spider-Man, The Last of Us 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God of War all making the PS4 the console to buy this generation.

Shifting the best PS4 games onto PC could start to undermine that exclusivity, but after a few years, it makes sense to open up the game to a wider audience – and we're hoping to see God of War and some of its PS4 siblings make the jump in the near future.

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